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Steve Camp

Steve Camp has been in ministry since 1977 with the release of his first record, "Saying It With Love." Since then he has released 21 albums, had over 40 top ten hits and close to 20 number ones. He has won numerous awards, been elected to the Christian Music Hall of Fame and his album "Fire and Ice" was nominated in the top 100 CCM Albums of all time.

Steve has championed many causes throughout his tenure from defeating hunger through Compassion, Int'l and Food for the Hungry; ministering to those with AIDS featuring his award winning song, "Do You Feel Their Pain?" He has been an avid spokesperson for defending the right to life for unborn children. In 1997 he released "The 107 Theses - A Call to Reformation for Contemporary Christian Music," which sent the Christian entertainment industry in Christian music and publishing into hyperdrive. Steve has never been timid about taking on issues from a strong reformed, biblical worldview. He doesn't play politics, and remains one of the most bold, dynamic voices for the Gospel and in preaching the Word of God today.


But the last twenty years, Steve's focus in ministry has come for his passion for the local church in following his calling as a pastor. He served as an associate pastor with his mentor and friend, Dr. John MacArthur, at Grace Community Church, and for the last 8 1/2 years has been the Lead Pastor at The Cross Church in Palm City, Florida. He is married to Cynthia Camp and they have seven adult children, two daughter-in-laws, one son-in-law and one grandchild.


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