Rules of Engagement

Keep on topic; don't feed the trolls. 

No gratuitous cursing; corrupt speech; unwholesome talk; graphic sexual references; or foul humor used to attack another person or bring shame upon the name of Jesus Christ, His gospel, His Word, or His church.

No anonymous posting allowed. You must fill out and complete the Blogger bio form on all essential categories completely (i.e. email, blogs, city, state, vocation, etc.). In regards to name: first name only is acceptable-last name can be included at your own discretion. AND, you may only post under one name at a time--no multiple "nicks." Please enable blogger to allow your profile to be shown. 

No drive-by posting. No posting in book form; keep it a reasonable length that will encourage others to post and promote further biblical discussion.

Titus 1:9 says, "instruct in sound doctrine and refute those who contradict." Though I allow diverse and vigorous discussion to take place here, unsound doctrine can assuage both orthopraxy and orthodoxy, and therefore, will be confronted fearlessly and refuted relentlessly when it is expressed.

Any current comments, past comments, and/or all future comments on any article(s) at COT will be deleted at my sole discretion that do not honor the letter and/or spirit of the above. 

You may not copy any comment thread or portion thereof (except your own) and reproduce or distribute them either electronically or in printed form without written permission from the blog administrator. To do so will be to violate the copyright and license provisions of this blog. You may copy a portion of any article (a few paragraphs) and link back to this site. You may not link to your blog to redirect any discussion on any article to promote your own site. Please keep the discussion here as intended. Reproducing the entire contents of any article posted at COT at another site, book, magazine, newsletter, mailing, etc. requires written permission from the blog administrator. This does not apply to unedited works that are already public domain reproduced here. 

In short, you’re my guest here. I value your opinion and am happy to provide you with a forum in which to express it. Please respect my hospitality by not using this site to further a personal agenda or demean others, including moi. Failing to comply with these rules may result in a request for you to leave.









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