So, why is the CampOnThis

blog being revived?


When my blog was active years ago, it was rated #4 in 2007 of all religious blogs worldwide. I chose to put it on hold for over eight years so I could pour my time and energy into my new calling as the Senior Pastor of The Cross Church in Palm City, Florida. 


With the permission of our Elders, I have now been given the go ahead to respond to the literally thousands of requests over the years to revive this vital ministry resource – blending it with my current active Facebook and Twitter feeds – to encourage you with substantive articles addressing the issues of the day from a biblical worldview plus with added features using video updates, a live weekly forum/chat, interviews, and a behind the scenes Storytelling of the inspiration and experiences that led to the writing of so many of the songs throughout the years.

Thank you for visiting! Please consider subscribing to be alerted about new posts and other exciting future additions. I look forward to many fruitful discussions for the glory of God.

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